My most of the friends are think Competitor analysis is really hard to do So They really want to avoid it. Ya its take some time to make But its not so hard. Its really important in SEO. Here I share some idea that will help you to make a full competitor analysis report.

At first you have to open a Excel sheet and Then type this name in each column – Read the rest of this entry »


In 2014 many great SEO tools out there.That may assist you to get the absolute organic results for your web site. Here I give you Top 5 SEO tools that may help you.

1. AdWords Keyword Tool: In starting SEO at first you need to know about AdWords Keyword Tool. Its Free and It Can give you all information about your keyword.

2. SEO Quake: To view all information about a site I suggest you should use SEO quake add-ons. Its show you site Page Rank(PR), Google Index, Alexa Rank, Keyword Density Etc. Read the rest of this entry »